Crusher Published Applications


A crusher comprises a crushing rotor being rotatable and having a crushing bit to crush target materials to be crushed, a feed conveyor for conveying the target materials toward the crushing rotor, and a pressing feeder unit including a pressing roller disposed above the feed conveyor and introducing the target materials on the feed conveyor toward the crushing rotor while pressing the target materials from above, and an anvil disposed at a position which is closer to the crushing rotor than a point where the pressing roller presses the target materials and which is outward of the crushing rotor in the radial direction. The fixed bit has a bumping surface, against which the target materials bump, disposed in an opposed relation to the rotating direction of the crushing bit, thereby crushing the target materials introduced toward the crushing rotor.

Method and device for controlling a crusher, and a pointer instrument for indication of load on a crusher

A crusher has first and second crushing elements spaced apart to form a crushing gap therebetween. A measuring device is arranged to measure the instantaneous load on the crusher during at least one period to obtain a number of measured values. A calculation device is arranged to calculate a representative load value that is representative of the highest, measured instantaneous load during each such period of time. A control device is arranged to compare the representative load value with a desired value and to control the load on the crusher depending on the comparison.

Method and an apparatus for monitoring the amount of erosion in the waring parts of a crusher

A method and apparatus are disclosed for monitoring the amount of erosion in the wearing parts of a crusher, in which method the wearing of the crusher is provided with a wear sensor that issues a signal to the crusher's automatic control system as erosion in the wearing part reaches a predetermined depth. Upon receiving the signal, the control system initiates predetermined actions, such as an alarm, stopping the crusher and/or ordering of a spare part. Information on the amount of erosion in a wearing part is transmitted wirelessly to the automatic control system.

Portable pill crusher

A pill crusher has a portable housing with a base to be supported on a surface and a top surface having a transverse slot opening into a holding container in the housing for one of more pills carried in a pouch. The pouch can be manually inserted through the slot until a bottom edge of the pouch sits on a base of the container. Two horizontally oriented and opposed solenoids are powered by rechargeable battery power in the housing and drive vertical crusher plates toward one another in the holding container to impact repeatedly, during depression by the operator of a manual switch, until the operator determines that the repeated impacting action has sufficiently crushed the pills in the pouch so that the pouch can be withdrawn through the top opening.

Invertible center feed disk for a vertical shaft impact crusher

An impact crusher includes a center feed disk. The center feed disk includes a peripheral edge portion, a first face, an opposing, second face, a central bore extending through the first and second faces, and first and second countersunk pockets provided about the central bore in the first and second faces respectively. With this arrangement, a fastener having a shaft portion and a head portion can be inserted through the central bore to secure the center feed disk to a drive mechanism, with the head portion residing in the countersunk pocket. With this arrangement, once the first face portion becomes worn, the center feed disk can be removed, inverted and re-mounted such that the second face portion is exposed.

Gravity impeller apparatus for centrifugal rock crusher turntable

The impeller assembly of a centrifugal rock crusher is secured removably to a dovetail coupling member secured to a mounting member attached to the turntable of a centrifugal rock crusher. The impeller member has a mating dovetail shape cavity on its face trailing the direction of rotation of the turntable and configured to match the dovetail configuration of the coupling member. The dovetail configurations are arranged to tilt upwardly and radially inward relative to the rotational direction of the turntable, whereby turntable rotation produces centrifugal force driving the impeller member downward and inward relative to turntable rotation, to induce downward and inward movement of the impeller member relative to the coupling member, to increase securement.

Mobile jaw crusher assembly

A mobile jaw crusher assembly for crushing objects is provided. The assembly includes a frame and a first crushing member that is configured to be moved and at least partially rotated by a vehicle. The first crushing member is configured to be attached to the vehicle. A second crushing member is also present and faces the first crushing member. The first and second crushing members define a crushing chamber that is used for crushing objects. The second crushing member is configured to be moved and at least partially rotated by the vehicle.

Cone crusher having eccentric inner bushing

A cone crusher includes a main frame having a chamber for rotatably receiving a eccentric housing, the housing includes an eccentric bore and a peripheral wall having different thicknesses for increasing the stone crushing effect. A inner bushing is received in the eccentric bore of the housing and includes an eccentric orifice for receiving stones to be crushed and a peripheral wall having different thicknesses for increasing the stone crushing effect. The inner bushing may be rotated relative to the housing, and a key may selectively securing the inner bushing to the housing.

Multi-sided shaft for a crusher

A shredder, crusher, hammer mill, ring mill or the like is provided with a multi-sided rotor shaft to which spider arms and hammers are mounted. The rotor shaft has at least one pair, and preferably two or more pairs, of opposing sides. The hammers are pivotally mounted between spider arms. The spider arms have bases which include openings. The spider arm base openings have straight sides corresponding to the number of straight sides on the rotor shaft. The spider arm straight sides engage the rotor shaft straight sides. Hence, the spider arms are rotationally fixed in place relative to the rotor shaft without the use of keys and keyways, pins, bolts, or other types of fasteners, allowing for easier assembly and reduced maintenance costs for the crusher.

Gyratory crusher bearing retainer system

A bearing retainer apparatus for a gyratory crusher is comprised of a bearing having a ball, a shaft disposed within the ball, and a plate secured to the shaft. Further, a method of assembling a bearing retainer system for a gyratory crusher includes attaching a bearing retainer plate onto the shaft of the crusher using bearing retainer bolts such that the bearing is clamped onto the shaft.